Toronto Travel Guide
TORONTO Travel Guide

Travelling to Toronto? Welcome to the Toronto Travel Guide.

Summers is considered to be the travelling season which takes plenty of tourists to different places of the world and Canada is one of those popular tourist destinations, especially its biggest city - Toronto. Toronto is the largest and perhaps, the most famous city of Canada. It is also the capital of Ontario. It is also considered to be the economical capital of Canada. Over two and a half million people reside in Toronto. A trip to Toronto should be on the top five destination spots for your spending your vacations.

Why visit Toronto?

Well, because

It the largest city of Canada.

It is the economical capital of Canada.

It has a very low crime rate.

People are very friendly and welcoming.

It has a clean and hygienic environment.

All the big events are held in this city.

It has many different attractions for the tourists which will delight you in the best possible way.

English is the widely spoken language so there won't be any kind of language barrier.

Each year people from different parts of the world travel to Canada to visit Toronto. It has lately, become very popular among the travelers.

The above mentioned reasons are sure to develop your interest in viewing this city, so, now that you have made a plan in your mind to visit Toronto you must be thinking about the different type of interesting highlights of the city. Well, Toronto has a lot to offer. You will find many good hotels to stay. Apart from hotels you can also reside in a resort or spa, bread and breakfast inn, a motel and even rental apartments if you want that homely and independent environment. There are many car rental services in Toronto which provide you any vehicle of your choice. You can find information about accommodation and car rentals over the website and book your favorites in advance.

When in Toronto the best places to visit include

The Royal Ontario Museum which is enriched with world culture, art and history.

Visiting the CN Tower is a must as it is perhaps, the tallest building in the world and the food provided in its revolving restaurant at the top is also good. You enjoy having a view of the city.

Take one of those exotic cruises around Toronto. They are very pleasing.

Take a ferry ride to Toronto Island. It has many beautiful walking trails, swimming beaches and picnic spots which are must to visit especially, if you are travelling with kids.

Visit Saint Lawrence's Market for slightly cheaper shopping. Also visit all the big shopping malls. The Eaton Centre is a wonderful place to see and for shopping also.

A visit to Casa Loma should be in your top spots lists too. It's an amazing castle to view.

Different amusement and water parks.

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And the best of all - The Niagara Falls tour.

Apart from all these places Toronto will offer you the best nightlife and yummiest wine and dines for tantalizing your taste buds.